Our Story


[bohn-ner] noun


  1. A common English, Scottish and Irish surname pronounced "bon-ner". From the Middle English word boner(e)bonour, meaning 'gentle', 'courteous', 'handsome'.
  2. Also from bonnaire - shortened from the Old French phrase de bon(ne)aire, meaning 'of good bearing or appearance'.


However, if you take away one "n" and pronounce it wrong, a "slang" and rather vulgar meaning to the word comes to mind. (Don't deny it. Your brain went there too!)

One word, several meanings, and as the word provokes your thoughts and gets your attention, Bonner encourages you to be the person you want to be, and among all the different characters and personalities, Bonner strives to be the one constant amongst all. 

Mission Statement

To create and innovate, to give the market an alternative apparel brand that has purpose of design that best suits the activities you have planned for the day while prioritizing environmental sustainability and social responsibility.